Matthieu GILSON

I joined the NCT lab led by Tomoki Fukai in 2010. My position as a Researcher is funded by a JST-CREST program. I am also a Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne, where I did my PhD (2005-2009).


One project focuses on the analysis of recorded neuronal activity from the hippocampus and the habenula of behaving rats. The rats perform a simple task, which consists in trigerring reward (water) by licking after a cue sound. The analysis involves the spikesorting of LFP signals obtained via tetrodes. The goal is the detection of stereotypical features in the multiunit spiking activity, as well as epxlore the functional relationship between the hippocampus and habenula.

I am also working on spike-timing-dependent plasticity (STDP), a model of activity-dependent synaptic plasticity. Using a mathematical description of the evolution of the synaptic weights, one can predict the potentiation/depression of connections and the emerging synaptic structure. This weight specialization is governed by an interplay of the input properties (in particular, their spike-time cross-correlations), the neuronal response and the network topology. Through the learning dynamics, one goal is to relate the physiological properties of the neuronal system to abstract concepts in machine learning (e.g., PCA, ICA). The study of the information that is relevant to STDP also gives insight into possible neural coding schemes.

Peer-reviewed publications

updated on Dec 2012